Cold Weather Clothing Essentials Every Woman Should Have

It can seem tempting to just head out of the house wearing a few oversized pieces of clothing when it’s cold, but having the right winter wardrobe staples can help you pull your look together, making you appear more elegant. Here are a few clothing essentials every woman should have in her winter wardrobe:

Wool Coat

The right wool coat can become one of the hardest-working clothing pieces in your wardrobe. Ideally, pick one in a classic hue, be it camel, navy, black, or gray, so it goes with most of your outfits. If you can, get a second one in a bold statement hue. Make sure that the coat you are buying has a modern silhouette and at least a few fashion-forward details that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Tailored Blazer

Sometimes a pea coat or wool coat just won’t cut it for formal events, which is why it’s always good to keep a tailored blazer. If you tend to layer your outfits, consider opting for an oversized blazer that you can seamlessly slip over a sweater. Keep in mind that opting for a blazer with a wider lapel will give the effect of a broader chest, while a narrow lapel will offer a slimming effect.

Trendy Puffer Coat

Puffer jackets are all the trend right now! Opt for one that has a down-feather-filled outer layer to keep yourself cozy but trendy. If you live somewhere that gets extremely cold, we suggest opting for a thinner and slimmer style so you can layer it. If you want to make a statement, get an oversized puffer jacket. Opt for a cropped silhouette so your oversized jacket looks more balanced.

Leather Jacket

Every woman needs a leather jacket or two in her winter wardrobe. From classic moto versions to fringed styles, there’s a leather jacket out there to suit your taste precisely. If you are looking for a statement leather jacket, we suggest opting for one that’s made with patent leather!

Sweater Dress

Thought you couldn’t wear a dress during winter? Think again! Get yourself a snug sweater dress for a cozy, stylish look. For extra warmth, pair your sweater dress with stockings and a scarf.