5 Types of Handbags for Every Occasion

Handbags are one of the most important accessories in any woman’s closet, and one can really never have too many handbags! But, these wardrobe staples can be expensive, which is why it’s important to buy a few different handbags that are perfect for every kind of occasion. Here, we’ve narrowed down 5 types of handbags that will meet pretty much all your needs.

Clutch Bag

Tiny but so elegant – a clutch bag is a must-have. Not only is it a timeless accessory, but it is also super convenient to have on days when you don’t feel like carrying a big bag. Clutches come in a range of sizes and shapes, so finding something that’s suited to your lifestyle will not be too challenging. Many clutches are large enough to even store your driver’s license, credit cards, and lipstick. While you can wear it with a casual outfit, they are most commonly paired with formal wear.

Straw Bag

Straw bags are a summer-time essential, which is why they’ve earned a spot on this list. From totes to classic oversized carryalls, you can find a straw bag for any style and fashion taste – the options here are endless.

Tote Bag

While extra-large totes go in and out of style, they are super functional. For women who lead busy lives and need a stylish bag that will hold pretty much everything, a large tote bag will make a world of difference. Apart from being practical, it’s also sophisticated enough to pair with formal looks.

Crossbody Bag

If you need to be hands-free but still carry a few things, a cross-body bag is perfect. They’re extremely convenient, given that you can just throw one around yourself and head out of your home in a flash when needed. During the day, these compact bags can be perfect for running errands. For night-time outings, they’re ideal to stow your phone and wallet away safely.

Duffle Bag

Everyone needs at least one stylish duffle bag in their wardrobe. Whether you are heading out on a weekend getaway or a business trip, a duffle bag will make packing a whole lot easier.