SUV or Sedan: Which is the Right One For You?

SUVs and sedans are the most popular body types in the auto market today. But which one is better suited to your needs? Let’s figure it out.


Space: SUVs tend to offer a lot of passenger and cargo space. They can transport your entire family comfortably over long distances. They offer space for up to eight people and a lot of cargo space too. The available headroom and legroom are also generous. Because SUVs ride higher and are larger than sedans, people tend to be more comfortable in them.

Capabilities: SUVs are very capable vehicles. They have amazing towing capacities, hauling capabilities thanks to their chassis setups and powerful engines. Most also have four- or all-wheel drive, allowing them to be excellent for off-road adventures. So they’re great for everyday use and great for weekend fun too.

Safety: Since SUVs are the most popular vehicles for families, they come equipped with the latest safety equipment. They’re also taller and bigger than sedans and therefore tend to be safer in front collisions. Their all-wheel drive also makes them stable on bad roads and in inclement weather.


Affordable: SUVs cost way more than equivalent sedans. Sedans are cheaper to build and, therefore, are much more affordable to buy. On average, you can save $10,000 by choosing a sedan over an SUV. If you have budget constraints, check out a sedan. They’re also cheaper than SUVs to insure.

Practicality: Sedans are very practical cars. They’re much easier to drive and handle than SUVs. Their maneuverability is excellent for cities where traffic is a concern and can easily fit into tight parking spaces. If you favor practicality in urban environments and don’t drive long distances, consider a small sedan.

Fuel-efficiency: This is where sedans annihilate SUVs. Sedans have always offered and continue to offer excellent fuel economy as compared to SUVs. They’re smaller, lighter, and often powered by turbocharged four- or six-cylinder engines that beautifully balance power and efficiency. You can also get hybrid or fully electric versions of many sedans today that get 50 miles per gallon. Imagine the amount of money you’ll save every year without compromising safety, comfort, driving experience, and practicality.