Must-Have Solutions and Tools for Small Businesses

Technology plays a huge role in the success of small businesses. By picking the right software, you can turn your business into a priceless growth engine for little to no monetary investment. Here are the top software programs you should consider for your small business:


If you have plenty of deskless or less tech-savvy employees, Connecteam is a great tool for you. This is because it was specially designed and built to cater to these employees. Connecteam is easy to use and enhances your daily business routine. This software offers one-on-one chat, live chat group conversations, a work directory, immediate updates with or without social functions, employee feedback surveys, a suggestion box & more. All data on Connecteam is documented on the app’s secure cloud which can be accessed at any time.

Google Docs

When it comes to collaborating on documents and sharing files, Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides are the way to go. The files can be stored in your Google Drive and are an easy way to avoid endless back-and-forth emails when collaborating on various documents. by LogMeIn

LogMeIn’s conferencing tool lets you present to multiple clients or employees from the comfort of your home or office chair, thus saving you long trips. With you can digitize your inventory and sales process tracking, and save a lot of time effectively.

Hubspot CRM

CRM offers automation features that help track customer interactions. You can also follow and create sales-related tasks to get a good overview of your sales funnel at any time.


This easy-to-use team collaboration and project management software is a great option for small businesses. By replacing the multiple tools required for task collaboration and management, time tracking, communication, file sharing, and reporting with a single all-in-one software, it gives teams a central source for everything.