How to Maintain Outdoor Furniture

Over a period of time, harsh weather conditions can harm your outdoor furniture, and decrease its longevity. Here’s a look at a few things you can do to protect your outdoor furniture from the forces of nature. 

Use Water Repellent

Water repellents can prevent water from seeping into the fabric of the furniture and weaken or rot it from the inside. While there are many water repellents available in the market for furniture, you should try to pick one that will do the job without changing the appearance of the fabric. 

Covering and Cleaning

While treating the material with water repellant will protect it against water, cleaning your furniture pieces from time to time will remove dust and other air-based pollutants. You can rinse down wicker and artificial resin every few months with warm or cold water, and hardwoods can be wiped with a cleanser and warm water at least once a year. Metal can also be cleaned as often as you like, as long as you dry it completely to prevent rust from forming. 

Apply Water Sealant

If you live in a region that gets a ton of rainfall every year, you may want to consider applying a water sealant to your furniture. This will help prevent peeling and blistering. 

Remove Mold

Based on the material of the furniture, mold spores may start to form. If this happens, we recommend sanding or scrubbing it lightly to remove the mold. Make sure to wear gloves when you do this and discard the supplies you used as soon as you’re done cleaning to keep the spores from spreading. 

Follow the Care Guidelines Mentioned by The Manufacturer

Most manufacturers will include the wash and care guidelines for their products. Familiarize yourself with these instructions and make sure to adhere to them because using unsuitable products could damage your furniture and void the warranty. Remember that it’s best to start with a light cleaning and use a gentle cleanser to clean your outdoor furniture.